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Well, we all like Garfield, tea and transistors—or that is what I assume—and the history of humanity is perhaps a little bit of an interesting mystery. But another interesting thing is, obviously, music.


Bergen, Norway, unknown Swiss photographer, between 1890 and 1905


Because I grew up outside Bergen, Norway, it can fit to mention the 'local heroes' who are, these days, often world famous.



They say singing is easier on the the vocal chords, than is talking. And I suppose we all enjoy listening to singing, now and then, and maybe even to try it out, ourselves. But a particular 'wonder of the world' is, to me, the electric guitar. Just fascinating, whether with normal 'clean' sound as in for example some jazz or the music of The Shadows or groups like that, or with 'distortion' in 1980s heavy metal. Great invention.



Electric Universe Theory

As you know, I think alternative perspectives can be interesting. And a notion that doesn't directly have anything to do with guitars, is something called 'Electric Universe Theory.' There are some people who think electricity is more important than is gravity, in how the universe works.

In addition to the astronomical aspect of this, it also suggests an explanation for many cultural elements, including religious ones. This has to do with the relation between planets and the gods of many religions.



Language and legality

Politics is really confusing. And it seems one of the reasons, is politics has a lot to do with legality and the sometimes 'special' language legalists use. A particularly interesting topic, to me, is the distinction between the three things nation, country and The State. It seems only a few people are able to discern between them.




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